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You're not gonna want to miss Summer Camp 2022!


One week of tubing, water blob, kayaking, high diving, sand volleyball, mini-golf, snack shack, team competitions, late-night parties, and basketball. As much fun as we will have, nothing beats growing in your faith with over 400 other students in a dynamic environment created just for you!

To Register:

1. Click the "Registration" box on the left. This is a hyperlink to the Northwest Ministry Network's registration page. Fill out all applicable information. (Pastor Jacob will be emailed letting him know you have registered.) 

2. Click the "Canvas Permission Form" PDF on the left. This will need to be printed off, filled out, and turned in to Pastor Jacob. This is an annual form that covers all events in 2022. If you have already filled it out, you can skip this step.

3. Click the "Payment" box to the left. This will take you to Canvas Church's online payment portal. Pay for your camper. (Pastor Jacob will be emailed letting him know you have paid)

Once you have registered with the Northwest Ministry Network and made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Pastor Jacob. 

If you have any questions contact Pastor Jacob at 

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