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We understand trying out a new church can be very intimidating.


Our desire is for your visit at Canvas Church to be relaxing and enjoyable. Something to look forward to. So, we answered a few questions we thought you might be asking in order to take some of the guesswork and anxiety out of your visit.

What To Expect:

  • There is no dress code so don’t worry about getting all dressed up.

  • Friendly people who remember what it feels like to be a guest.

  • Good coffee.

  • If you have kids we want you to know they are going to be safe, have fun, and learn about Jesus. Our Canvas Kids Team not only loves kids, they have also been background checked and well trained.

  • Our band will lead us in singing a few songs…feel free to sing along if you would like to.

  • There will be a 30-40 minute thought provoking and practical Bible-based teaching.


Helpful Tips:

  • If you have kids, show up a few minutes early and check them in at our First Time Guest kiosk; someone from our Check-In Team can show you where their classroom is. We have a sensory room available, with trained team members, for families of children with special needs.

  • If you have questions, just look for someone wearing an “I Can Help” lanyard.

  • You are welcome to grab a cup of coffee and bring it into the auditorium with you.

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